IFunBox iOS 11: Install Latest iFunBox on Mac & Windows

IFunBox iOS 11

IFunBox iOS 11: Using for install paid apps and cracked iOS apps and also you can install iFunBox on Windows 10 after Mac Version and iOS 11 updates may want to install latest iOS 11 apps for their iPhone and jailbroken devices have no chance of getting iOS updates from Apple and who have not jailbroken their iPhone. IFunBox best advantage to installing the cracked apps and some jailbroken tweaks to their iPhone and see below Very Easy Steps to IFunBox iOS 11 in your Mac &Windows.

IFunBox is a file and app management software for iPhone devices using which you can manage or customize the files and apps on your iDevice from Windows and Mac PC and also permissions to access the system files and then you can edit the system files too that is best for all time.

IFunBox iOS 11 Features

1#. Install cracked apps and jailbroken apps on their iPhone.

2#. Without the need to jailbreak iOS devices you can download all the apps.

3#. You can install .ipa files on your iPhone this is everything is simple.

4#. You can export and import files such as music, videos, documents, videos etc.

5#. Also, use your iPhone and iPad as a USB device to store files greater than 2 GB Size.

6#. Easy to Use.

IFunBox iOS 11: Install Latest iFunBox on Mac & Windows

IFunBox iOS 11

IFunBox is available for free download for Windows or Mac PC and also iFunBox v1.8 for Mac is available and iFunBox v3.0 for Windows is available for free downloads also iTunes is the best alternative to iFunBox for iOS 11 that is best for all time.

Step 1: Download iFunBox for iOS 11.

Step 2: After double click on the setup file to install iFunBox on Mac.

Step 3: Download any .ipa file which you want to install on iOS 11.

Step 4: Launch iFunBox on your Windows and Mac PC.

Step 5: Now, Connect iPhone using USB Cable to your PC.

Step 6: See that your iPhone is connected on the left side of iFunBox.

Step 7: After click on user applications option and click on Install App button.

Step 8: After choosing the .ipa file which you want to install.

Step 9: Done.

Here, completed above steps for download and install iFunBox iOS 11 App on Mac and Windows device is as simple and complete guide for IFunBox iOS 11: Install Latest iFunBox on Mac & Windows and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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